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Taking the risk of showing who they are in the safety of the rehearsal hall helps students learn to trust their ideas and express them.

Photo credit JOHN MATTHEWS

Shy students often make the best actors, because they tend to be excellent observers of those around them. Even the quietest students in a good theatre class quickly develop the confidence to take an active role in classes and productions, interacting with the group to share their own opinions and ideas.

Risks taken in the safety of the rehearsal hall among a supportive group of peers, combined with the challenges faced in performing for the public, help students learn to trust their ideas and their ability to convey them effectively.

The vast majority of people have a huge fear of speaking in public, but young actors learn that preparing thoughts in advance gives them the freedom to speak with conviction. They learn that they can express themselves and their ideas in a compelling and persuasive manner to any audience.

The confidence gained from these experiences spills over into school, work – and all aspects of life. .

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