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Are Playmakers! classes and programs expensive?

On an hourly basis, our fees are actually lower than those for other arts education, including dance classes or piano lessons. For school year programs, we offer payment plans to spread the cost over the season. Please email for more information on installment payments.


Do you offer concessionary fees for low income families?

Because we believe that all children are entitled to a quality arts education, Playmakers! Theatre school offers concessionary fee rates for families demonstrating financial need. Please contact us for more information if your family is receiving government income assistance.


Do I need to buy special clothes for class?

Students are asked to come to the studio wearing dance or exercise slippers. An "undercostume" consisting of a white top and black leggings is required for most performances.


Do you charge for materials or costumes?

Aside from the "undercostume" and slippers, everything needed to participate in classes, rehearsals and performances is provided by Playmakers! Theatre School and included in the fees. That includes the fabulous costumes our students get to wear (along with hats,  wigs and most footwear as needed) as well as makeup and hair supplies.


Is there homework?

Lines must be learned at home between classes: we focus on developing character in rehearsals, not on learning lines. From time to time other homework may be assigned. Usually homework involves a creative task and homework is ALWAYS linked directly to giving students a better understanding of their characters or the story they're working on.


Do I have to attend every rehearsal?

Students are expected to attend all rehearsals throughout the session or season for which they are registered. Any absence creates a gap in our "team lineup" which affects all the players!

We recognize that illness and emergencies happen and in such situations we ask that parents email or call the school to give our instructor/directors as much notice as possibe.

For students in the Young Actors' Guild, attendance "as called" is mandatory during the final two weeks of rehearsal before each performance period.



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