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Work for intermediate actors aged 11-13 continues to develop skills in voice and speech, movement, improvisation, collaboration and personal responsibility.

Join the Young Actors' Guild and take part in a performance this December.

Next session of classes begins Wednesday, September 20.

No audition required! Beginners welcome!


Journeyman Level - ages 11-13/grade 6-8

  • Older actors 8 - 13 yrs continue to enhance and develop performing arts techniques through participation in the Young Actor's Guild program.

    Apprentice and Journeyman actors improve skills in creativity, critical thinking and collaboration while gaining the confidence to express themselves and their ideas in a compelling and persuasive manner.

    Programs at all levels include theatre games, improvisations, voice, music and movement. Work from a scripted text culminates in a public performance at the end of each session.
    Y.A.G. classes at all levels may involve music, dance, stage combat, mime, mask work and other performance skills.

    Young Actors' Guild students will take part in  a scripted performance for public presentation at the end of each term. (Fees include 5 prepaid tickets.) 

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