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Schedule of Events & Activities

6:30 pm -- Activities get underway on Tom Patterson Island

  • Pick up a pre-made lantern if you weren't able to make it to one of the lantern workshops

  • Walk the Labyrinth of Light: more than 650 luminaries leading to a lantern created to honour our wonderful city

  • Explore the mysterious and enchanted Forest of Dreams - a lantern and audio installation created for this year's event. Meet the Dream Master and add your own dream or hope or aspiration to the collection! A few lucky participants will get a chance to carry the Dream Lanterns or the Depository of Dreams in the procession.

  • Write a wish and send it on its journey down the river! Note: the wish boats and cards are biodegradable and the candles remain floating and lit for seven days, so our volunteers can collect them all. No damage to the river ecosystem from our wishes!

7:30 pm -- the Procession sets out for Market Square

  • Everyone with a lantern is welcome to accompany the Dream Master and Companions on the journey. Watch out for the Spies of Darkness along the route!

7:50 pm -- Dreams vs Darkness (at the Bandshell)

  • The Dream Master and Companions will be challenged by The Darkness, whose followers will try to capture the dreams and prevent them from reaching the light of day. Will The Sun rise in time to save our Dreams?

8:10 pm -- Celebration: Dreams to Daylight (Market Square)

  • When the Dreams finally reach Market Square, it will be time for huge celebration with music, juggling and dance!

8:30 pm -- CirqueSmith (City Hall Auditorium)

  • Those with VIP tickets will follow the Dream Master inside for a mesmerizing presentation of aerial arts by CirqueSmith, performed to the Forest of Dreams soundtrack

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